Charlie Dart

Writer & Designer


The Halved Woman is a short story set in the fictional city of Buentoille. I wrote it in 2018 as a present for a couple of people who supported me whilst I wrote The City of a Thousand Festivals. It’s a television interview, just three people talking about family, a sunken house, and a cult. You can download a copy at

The City of a Thousand Festivals, or, to give its proper name, Buentoille, is a strange place full of folk tales and bizarre traditions. It is a place where artists thrive and window cleaners are revered. A place where ghosts roam and children run their own union. Buentoille is a socialist utopia where you might, if the stories are true, wake up one day to find yourself inside a painting.

Sounds intriguing? Well you’re in luck! This intrepid explorer (yes the one whose name is in the URL) wrote 365 dispatches from the City, one for each day of the year, detailing the festivities going on each day, as well as their history and significance. You can read it all for free at