Charlie Dart

Writer & Designer


AIRPLANE GRAVEYARD is a game I helped to make back in 2020 as part of the Global Game Jam, a little over a month before the global pandemic hit the UK, and many planes were grounded. Prophetic? Probably not. I was the writer and narrative designer, creating dialogue and letters you can find thoughout the game. You can download a copy here: and play it with Unity Web Player.

Orbital Detatchment is a game which I helped make in 48 hours for Fuse Jam 3 in 2019, alongside four other talented people. I led the team’s discussion in the early design phase and designed the narrative structure later on. I also wrote all the dialogue, including a fair amount which didn’t make it to the final product due to time constraints. You can download a copy of the game for free from

The Steps of the Prophet is a world building game which I released in 2018. In the game’s first half, the two players use a standard 52 card pack to lovingly build a nation state, progressively adding more details about its hierarchy, industries and values. In the second half, they tear it apart. The game was featured on TTRPG podcast The Mortal Path. You can download copy of The Steps of the Prophet for free from

A GHOST STORY FOR CHRISTMAS is a text game that I made in 2016, inspired by the BBC films of the same name, and the M. R. James stories upon which many of those films were based. It’s got ghosts and Victorian diaries rubbing up against neurochips and other cyberpunk themes. You can play it (for free!) at